Catching Drills

Dropped 3rd Strike

Getting The Runner Out - Preventing A Run Scored


Coach stands behind catcher who assumes a normal crouch position. Coach will roll ball to different places behind catcher and will then yell "ball"! Catcher must go into blocking position then come up quickly, locate the ball, and throw to first base. The first baseman will read the location of the ball and will call 'inside' for a ball to the left of the first baseline or 'outside' for a ball to the right of the baseline. If this drill is practiced often enough it will virtually eliminate a catcher panicking on a dropped 3rd strike.

Another variation of this drill has a runner on 3rd base (less than two outs). The catcher looks the runner back to 3rd, delivers the throw to first, then positions himself for a throw back to the plate. Baserunner decides if he should attempt to go home.

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